Understanding the Concept Of 60 Seconds Trading Strategy

60 Seconds Trading Strategy

Are you looking in for some quick money trading binary options? If yes, then I have some good news for you? It is possible to make a decent amount of money trading binary options provided you use the 60 seconds trading strategy. The 60 seconds strategy involves the use of 60 seconds options that are short-term oriented in comparison to the regular trading.

What is worth appreciating about the 60 seconds options is that you can even earn a payout of about 75%. Moreover, the risk is limited when you trade the 60 seconds options.

The interesting part is that you do not need to go for massive investments when you decide to trade 60 seconds options. You can even start with a small investment of about $5 to start trading these options.

Trend Strategy

There are a variety of strategies that you can try out with 60 seconds options. You can go for the follow trend strategy. One of the strategies that have gained immense popularity in the recent years is tracking trends. If you notice that the price of the asset moves higher than the lower trend line, then you should place a call option.

If the price of an asset rebounds downwards after hitting the upper trend line, then it is viable that you should place a put option.

Let us explain this strategy further with a practical example.

You can start by selecting a currency pair of your choice. Let us assume that you select AUD/USD currency pair when the market price is about 1.01022.

You set an expiry of 60 seconds and place a call option. You enter an investment amount of $100. The promised payout is about 75% if the trade ends in the money and the current price rises above 1.01022.  If this trade ends in the money after 60 seconds, then you will get a payout of about $175.


The Breakout Strategy

You can even try out trading breakouts when you wish to go with the 60 seconds trades. The biggest advantage of the trading breakouts is that they can easily generate impressive returns and are quite easy to detect also.

The concept of this strategy is quite straightforward. If an asset oscillates for an extensive time within the restricted range, then there is a possibility that it will gain momentum to breakout. Such an asset does move in the chosen direction for a considerable amount of time.

When you want to use the breakout strategy, then it is essential that you should first identify the asset pair that is fluctuating within the confined range for an extensive period.

60 seconds can be a bit tricky for the traders who are new to this field. This is why the best approach is first to try out the strategies using a demo account. This way you will not have to worry about the fact that you will lose money trading 60 seconds options.

It is also important that you should be updated about the happenings in the market when you go for 60 seconds trade.

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